We are Strategic Business Consulting and Qualitative Research specialists designing creative solutions for business issues ranging from market entry to market activation

Market Entry

A new market could either be a new geography or a demographic. Our view on effectively designing a qualitative study to feed into a market entry strategy is to focus on developing a cultural perspective, deeper understanding of consumer motivations and bringing consumers to life. With the experience of working across different types of markets around the world and in different categories, we can provide a unique perspective on such studies.
If your company is looking to expand into Emerging Markets, we also help you identify strategic partners and distributors in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.
Whereas if you are an Emerging Markets brand, we can help you identify the right partners and business models in Europe and North America.

Creative Development

Our philosophy on creative development is to integrate a nurturing philosophy with an evaluative approach, a tough love of sorts! We therefore invest a lot of time in understanding your business, the creative intent and brand history. When we fuse this with consumer evaluation, we deliver a point-of-view on the potential of the creatives from a strategic perspective.

Brand Equity Exploration

Our take on brand equity exploration is both holistic and longitudinal. We do a lot of preliminary work upfront before embarking on a consumer exploration. We feel that an effective equity exploration is beyond models and frameworks and calls for connecting dots to narrate a brand story

Brand Repositioning

A brand repositioning study can take on different forms – exploration of a positioning, a territory or communication material that bring it to life. Our view is that both design and analysis of the research needs to ensure that the outcome has a strategic perspective and does not become purely execution focused.

Market Activation

Our view on market activation evaluation is that it has strategic implications and is not merely tactical. In the era of experiential marketing while the design of the study can be evaluative, the analysis needs to be based on a thorough understanding of marketing strategy to ensure that the brand is living upto its promise in every consumer touchpoint.


We have a unique combination of consultants who have worked as clients and also as research directors in various multinational companies across the world. When designing solutions for our clients, we use this experience along with our inspiration from the intersection of art and science
The cornerstone of our solutions is melding innovative approaches with intuitive intelligence
This translates into using contemporary digital approaches, combined with interpretative, in-depth qualitative analysis backed by real world experience